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Our floor coating systems are unlike any other technology on the market. The industrial strength hybrid formula is not paint. Painted floors can chip and/or peel in a matter of months but our Hybrid High Performance Floors are strong, durable, and outperform the competition in longevity, installation time, and chemical resistance.

Most applications can be walked on hours after completion, and can be driven on the following day. This fast drying formula makes the installation process quick and convenient. Experience the difference:

APD Floor Coatings The Competition
  • UV Resistant; will not Yellow!
  • No VOCs – Low Odor
  • Can be Installed down to 0°F (-17°C)
  • Industrial Strength
  • Can Yellow- Should not put outside
  • Smells During Installation
  • Should be installed between 60-70°F

Hybrid Full Chip Vinyl System

“Vinyl” chips, also referred to as flakes or fleck, are combined with our Hybrid coating to provide a practical decorative floor coating that is becoming an ever-popular option for business flooring.

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Hybrid Full Chip Mica System

A fancy, all-natural mineral that looks similar to granite. It is great in showrooms, bathrooms, entryways, and anywhere that deserves a rich look. Industrial strength, no smell, UV resistant, and a quick installation!

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Hybrid Platinum Color Pigment System

Try a metallic look that gives depth to your floor. Enjoy an industrial strength floor that is UV resistant, has no smell, and can be installed in one day. Great for boutiques, kitchens, garages, bars, and more!

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High Performance Epoxy

The High Performance Epoxy is a smooth, high gloss, asthetically pleasing industrial strength epoxy coating designed for medium to heavy mil applications. It is a two part, 100% solids coating for concrete floors that face daily abuse from forklifts, heavy machinery, etc. It has good chemical and abrasion resistance and comes in twelve different colors.

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Hybrid Quartz Double Broadcast System

The colored quartz in the coating creates a textured surface that helps prevent slips and falls. Similar in size to a grain of sand, these granules are colorful and come in a variety of blends to suit your preference.

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